Leather and paper boung mixed journals.

The bright colors of the hand decorated paper are framed by the dark brown leather spine and the corners. Four nerves in the spine make each piece even more beautiful.

Inside paper block: blank journal, daily diary, address book, guest book, antique diary.

Hard cover brown leather journals.

The leather is genuine. It’s treated with vegetal products and finished with special waxes that follow an old recipe.  A final brushing makes it soft and perfumed.

Inside paper block: blank journal, daily diary, address book, antique journalsguest book.

Wrap leather journals with long lace,

It's a journal but we simply call it "Medioevalis". Quite everyone likes it. The paper block is gently wrapped in a soft leather cover while the long lace returns the hug with enthusiasm. Is there a better place for your personal notes?

Available in small, medium, large size,with rough edges, but also as photo album.

Hardcover photo albums.

The photo album is a very personal object, a place where memories and small souvenirs can be composed. Enjoy this selection of brilliant papers that perfectly match to a unique dark brown leather binding.

Sizes: mini, small, medium, horizontal, large.

Brown leather bound photo albums.

Leaf through the real paper pages of these luxurious leather photo albums and store your memories forever.

Great binding, attention to details, high quality materials, final beauty treatment with natural waxes that makes each piece extremely soft and perfumed. Read more.

Writing accessories.

Nibs, antique pens, pen holders, feathers, wooden lead pencils, ink bottles, magnifying glasses and other accessories.

It's all you need to celebrate the everlasting art of handwriting.

Read more.

The art of leather bookbinding

Each and every item is individually crafted by expert hands in our "bottega", a typical workshop where the perfume of the leather is constantly in the air.

We personally select all materials, as well as every single sheet of marbled paper that the most creative Florentine workshops create especially for us.

This obsessive care for details allows us to reach the highest aesthetic results and an absolute originality.