Leather journals

Leather journals.

In these pages we're showing you a great choice of leather bound journals.

We treat each piece with special waxes that follow an old recipe and make it very soft. This treatment gives the brown leather a fantastic dark nuance.

Touching these pieces always represents an unforgettable experience.

Despite a similar exterior look,  the inside part of the books changes along with the dimension and every single binding hides a different theme: agenda, telephone book, signature book.... just click on the list on your left and find them all.

We also suggest you not to miss our marvellous "Antique Diaries"; the inside paper block is made out of high quality laid paper cut by hand, rough edges.

Leather journal
Leather guest book
Guest book
Leather telephone book
Telephone book
Leather daily diary
Daily diary
Leather antique diary
Antique looking diary
Leather journal Memories&Poems
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