This collection includes small wooden "bureau", antique pens with metal decoration or feathers, roller pens, bottles of perfumed ink, unexpected setting and all you need to rediscover the passion for handwriting.

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Writing accessories

"Wooden pen-nibs"
Wooden pen-nibs
EURO 12,00
"Murano glass pen"
Murano glass pen
EURO 16,00
"Feather antique pen"
Feather antique pen
EURO 27,00
"Pelikan inkpot"
Pelikan inkpot
EURO 40,00
"Glass ink pot"
Glass ink pot
EURO 37,00
"Small wooden bureau"
Small wooden bureau
EURO 58,00
"Large wooden bureau"
Large wooden bureau
EURO 95,00
"Paper knife"
Paper knife
EURO 22,00
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